Working Group Economic Geography

Focus of Research

  • Geography of innovation, Geography of sustainability transitions
  • Creative industries (particularly video games industry), creativity
  • Theories and debates of Economic Geography
  • Co-evolution of institutions and industries
  • Emerging industries and local new path creation


My PhD research focused on the co-evolutionary process of the video game industry development and the dynamics of the institutional environments. Like other concepts such as path dependence, related variety, lock-in, selection, and variation, co-evolution remains a key concept in evolutionary economic geography. However, while there have been some discussion on the concept in theoretical writings in economic geography, empirical research on this notion is scarce. To fill this gap, this research focused on the co-evolutionary relationships between a creative industry--the video game industry, and its broader supporting institutional environments. The research was based on theories from many disciplines such as evolutionary economics, institutional theories and economic sociology. By bringing insights from multiple disciplines, this project aimed at answering the following questions: 1) how did (do) the video game industry evolve in Shanghai and Hamburg? 2) How did (do) the supporting institutional environment change over time in both cases? 3) What's the impact of video game industry development on the dynamics of institutions, and vice versa?

Finished research project: 

The Evolution of Creative Industry Clusters (ECIC) - A Comparison of Cases in Germany and China.