Working Group Economic Geography

Dr. Ma Mulan


PhD, Master of Geography Research Associate

employed between 2009-2013









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Focus of Research




  • Evolutionary Economic Geography
  • Tourism Planning and Development
  • Tourism Area Life Cycle


PhD Thesis:

Tourism Area Development from an Evolutionary Economic Geography Perspective —The Case of Guilin, China.


Funded by the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC).

Qualification & Employment




09/2001-06/ 2005 

BSc. in Urban and Rural Planning, Beijing Forestry University, Beijing, P.R. China

Modules included: Urban & Rural Planning, Social &Human Geography, Resource Management.



MSc. degree in Human Geography, East China Normal University, Shanghai, China

Minor fields of study: Tourism develpoment and management

MSc. thesis: The Transformation Mode of the Tourism Productivization of Intangible Cultural Heritage





Graduate Summer School on Geography Frontier, Peking University, Beijing,China


09/2009 -09/2013    

Scholarship for PhD-students sponsored by the China Scholarship Council (CSC)


Additional Qualifications



The Development & Distribution Planning of Advantageous Industries in Xixiangtang district, China



Tourism planning on the tourist areas of Tenglong Cave-Enshi Grand Canyon, China



Developmental Tendency of Industries and its Distribution Planning in Guiyang, China



The Function of Urban Tourism and Regional Interaction Response, China



The World Expo Shanghai 2010’s Economic Influence on Xuhui district, China