Working Group Economic Geography


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Focus of Research

  •   Environmental Economic Geography
  •   Regional Transformations & Industrial Policy
  •   Energy Transition
  •   Theories of Practice

I am currently working on regional transitions to “green” economies, applying concepts from Environmental Economic Geography and Theories of Practice. The goal of my research is to develop a deeper understanding of the evolution, dispersion and transformation of economic and political practices of regional transformations towards alternative green economies. Aspects of interest are, e.g., emerging practices in the “green economy” and which practices are important for the creation of “green growth” institutions; How practices of the green economy interrelate, which networks of practices contribute to regional transformations towards green economies; which regional dynamics emerge from green economic practices and processes; which contexts support or impede regional transformations towards a ‘green economy’; which and how industrial policies impact such transformations.

In the policy-implementation-oriented INTERREG-BSR-project "Co2mmunity" (link) I am working on community energy projects in the Baltic Sea Region and how they can be supported for increasing the overall share of renewable energies.


  • Since 04/2015: Post-doctoral Researcher, University of Kiel, Economic Geography
  • 04/2013-07/2014: Visiting Lecturer, Saarland University, Institute of Geography
  • 06/2011-03/2015: Scientific Collaborator and Assistant to Prof. Dr. Christian Schulz, University of Luxembourg, Environmental Economic Geography
  • 10/2009 - 05/2011: Freelance work (consultant) in the field of local authorities and climate change
  • 09/2007-09/2009: Student Assistant, University of Bayreuth; German Geographers Congress 2007, Economic Geography (Prof. Dr. A. Matuschewski), Social Geography (Prof. Dr. D. Müller-Mahn), Urban and Regional Development (Prof. Dr. A. Matuschewski)


  • 07/2016: Summer Institute in Economic Geography, University of Kentucky; organizers: Susan Roberts, Michael Samers, Andrew Wood, Matthew Zook, and Jamie Peck
  • 06/2011- 02/2015: PhD studies in geography; project: “Energetisches Regionalisieren. Transformationspraktiken der Energiewende am Beispiel der Biogaserzeugung” (Energetic regionalizing. Energy transition practices and the case of biogas production), joint supervision by Prof. Dr. Christian Schulz and Prof. Dr. Peter Dörrenbächer
  • 10-11/2012: International PhD course on Economic Geography at Utrecht University: "Geography of knowledge, networks and clusters"; organizers: Ron Boschma, Bjorn Asheim, and Anders Malmberg
  • 2006-2011; Studies in Geographie (Diplom) at the University of Bayreuth; Diploma-Thesis: "Regional Governance und Regionale Strategiebildung. Steuerungsmöglichkeiten für die Energiewende am Beispiel der Region Greater Manchester, UK" (Regional Governance and Regional Strategy Development. Governing options for the energy transition using the exapmle of Greater Manchester, UK) , supervision by Prof. Dr. Anke Matuschewski (funded by the German Academic Exchange Service - D/10/44452)
  • 2005-2006: Studies in Cybernetic Engineering at the University of Stuttgart

Academic networks and committee work

Research Networks

  • "Junges Forum" of the Akademie der Raumforschung und Landesplanung (ARL) (since 2011)
  • "Regional Studies Association" (since 2012)
  • UmWiG - Umweltorientierte Wirtschaftsgeographie; colloquium on Environmental Economic Geography (since 2011)

Committee work

  • "Mittelbausprecher" at the Department of Geography (since Nov 2015)


Former Activities

Professional Review Activities

  • Administrative Sciences
  • Die Erde
  • energies
  • Energy Policy
  • European Planning Studies
  • Geographica Helvetica
  • Local Environment
  • Raumforschung und Raumordnung
  • sustainability
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