Working Group Economic Geography



  • Reframing the influences of Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurs into multilevel/-dimensional entrepreneurial ecosystem (with Paul Lassalle, Andrew Johnston) - MDE 2015 1st International Conference on Migration and Diaspora Entrepreneurs, 14-15 Dec.
  • The significance of ethnic social capital in case of Polish migrant entrepreneurs in the UK and its enhancement by the incremental transnationalization of the European Union. (with Paul Lassalle) - 12th Conference of the European Sociological Association (ESA), 25-28 Aug.
  • Transnational Tokyo: High skilled migrants, mobility and the transformation of urban space. - 11th European Association for Japanese Studies (EAJS), Workshop for Doctoral Students at the University of Edinburgh, 11-15 June.
  • Transnational financial professionals in Global Cities – Urban Elites attached/detached to urban spaces and local society? - Association of American Geographers (AAG) - Annual Conference, 21-25 Apr.
  • The Transnational (Social) Space of Highly-skilled Transmigrants in Geographical Terms.- IMISCOE Research Group Transmig. Conference: Transnational Migration- Disciplinary Impacts, 29-30 January.



  • Global City Tokyo revisited: the status of Tokyo and its transnational professionals in the Asian competition. - ARL International Summer School with University of Loughborough: Global Urban Networks, 31 Aug-3 Sept.



  • Transnational professionals and their socio-behavioral and spatial-behavioral patterns in a multilocal and mobile environment. - International Geographical Union - 32nd International Geographical Congress, 26-30 Aug.
  • The transnational space of financial professionals within Tokyo and the network of global cities. - Middlesex University - International Conference: Highly skilled migration into the 21st century, 24-25 May.
  • The Transnational Space of transnational professionals in Tokyo and its locatability in the Global Cities Network. - Association of American Geographers (AAG) - Annual Conference, 24-28 Feb.



  • The Two-Step Migration: Attracting and Retaining International Students - stay rates. - Annual Meeting of the OECD Working Party on Migration, 13-14 June 2.



  • The transnational capitalist class of IT professionals in the Silicon Valley and the global network.- 5th IMISCOE Annual Conference, 9-12 September.