Working Group Economic Geography


Our research areasResearch Areas:

Industrial Dynamics and Networks in Space

In this research area we focus on the restructuring processes of mature production clusters in industrialised countries in Europe and East Asia. Why can we observe upgrading processes in some mature production clusters, whereas others stagnate due to path dependence and lock-ins? What is the role of new industries and related variety in these upgrading processes? What is the role of the position of these clusters in global production networks in a dynamic perspective?

Regional Innovation and Policy

In this research area we work on understanding what types of regional dynamics stimulate or hinder innovation among firms and other organisations. We do research on the role of learning, networks and face-to-face contacts in the creation and dissemination of knowledge. We also evaluate the impact of innovation policies and other cluster building initiatives, on economic specialisation or diversification, technological development, knowledge management and entrepreneurialism.

Economic Actors and Practices

In this research area we investigate everyday practices that form the economic fabric of cities and regions. We research actors’ utilisations of social, political, environmental, cultural and industrial contexts and the ways in which actors enclose economic meaning in their practices, in a variety of social situations and scales as well as spaces. This perspective enables us to understand, how economic dynamics are spatially constituted via their implications, contextuality, spatial specificity, and sensitivity towards scale.