Working Group Economic Geography

Past research projects

Year Topic Commission
2017-2020 Co2mmunity. Co-producing and co-financing renewable community energy projects INTERREG-BSR (Baltic Sea Region)
2016-2017 The Evolution of Creative Industry Clusters (ECIC) - A Comparison of Cases in Germany and China

Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) & Research Grants Council (RGC)

2014-2015 International film festivals as engines for revitalizing local economies? Case-studies of Berlin and Busan from a multi-scalar institutional perspective Deutscher Akademischer Austausdienst (DAAD) & German-Korean Partnership Program (GEnKO)

Cluster life cycles – the role of actors, networks and institutions in emerging, growing, declining and renewing clusters

German Research Foundation (DFG) & European Science Foundation (ESF)
2007-2010 Constructing Regional Advantage: Towards State-of-the-Art Regional Innovation System Policies in Europe? Research council of Norway & European Science Foundation
2006-2009 City-regions, knowledge bases and innovation support systems Research council of Norway
2006-2009 From PC-Bang to a competitive computer and video game cluster in South Korea? (pilot project)
2006-2009 Upgrading maritime clusters in an international comparative perspective (pilot project)
2005-2006 Supporting the contribution of higher education institutions to regional development OECD (programme on Institutional Management in Higher Education)

2004-2005 Regional Innovation Systems in an International Comparison Korea Research Foundation
2001-2004 Political Lock-Ins in Old Industrial Areas. A Comparative Study on Shipbuilding and Textile Regions in Germany and South Korea Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Council) and the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation
2002 The Role of Embeddedness of FDI in Restructuring Korea's SMEs. - Towards an Analytical Framework World Bank, Washington
2000 Territorial Review of South Korea OECD Territorial Development Service, Paris
1999-2000 RITTS (Regional Innovation and Technology Transfer Strategy) Utrecht Province of Utrecht
1999-2000 RITTS (Regional Innovation and Technology Transfer Strategy) Region Dresden Stiftung Innovation und Arbeit Sachsen, Dresden
1999-2000 Clustermonitor Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, The Hague
1999 Internationalisierung der staatlichen Forschungs- und Technologiepolitik German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Bonn
1998-1999 The Role of Regions in the South Korean Innovation Support System European Commission, Directorate-General for Science, Research and Development, Brussels (Science & Technology Fellowship Korea)
1997-1998 Defence Conversion and Regional Economic Development: the Problems with the International Transfer of Conversion Experiences Ministry of Higher Education and Research of North Rhine-Westphalia, Düsseldorf, Germany
1996-1997 Zukünfte in Stadtregionen (Futures in City-Regions) Ministry of Higher Education and Research of North Rhine-Westphalia, Düsseldorf, Germany
1996-1997 Conversion of the Defence Industry, Innovation and Regional Economic Development in North Rhine-Westphalia, Belgium and the Netherlands Ministry of Higher Education and Research of North Rhine-Westphalia, Düsseldorf, Germany
1996-1997 The Development and Performance of Opto-Electronics in Germany OECD, Territorial Development Service, Paris
1995 Die Förderung der Vernetzung kleiner und mittlerer Unternehmen mit wissenschaftlichen Einrichtungen; eine Bestandsaufnahme (inter)nationaler Studien und Erfahrungen (the stimulation of networking between small and medium-sized enterprises and public research institutes; a survey of (inter)national studies and experiences) Wissenschaftszentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen, Institut Arbeit und Technik, Gelsenkirchen, Germany
1995 Analysis of the Regional Science & Technology Policies in Europe; the German Case-Studies of Baden-Württemberg and Thuringia EC, DG-XII (Science, Research and Development)
1994 Politische Kooperationsnetzwerke in europäischen Automobilregionen (local authorities co-operation networks in European car regions) Wissenschaftszentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen, Institut Arbeit und Technik, Gelsenkirchen, Germany
1994 Technology Transfer and the Role of Transfer Agencies; Lessons for the Euregion Maas-Rhine ETRA, Euregional TRansfer Agency, a co-operation between the transfer agencies of the universities of Aachen, Maastricht and Liège in the Euregion Maas-Rhine
1994 MONITOR, Monitoring technology policy in Europe; with an application to the consequences of the rise of South-East Asian Countries Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, The Hague
1994 De relatie tussen kennisaanbieders en het bedrijfsleven in en rond het Stedelijk Knooppunt Maastricht-Heerlen (The Relations between Knowledge Suppliers and the Economy in the Region Maastricht-Heerlen) Cities Maastricht and Heerlen
1993 Research and Technology Management in Enterprises, Issues for Community Policies; Regional Report on Technology Management in the Euroregion EC, SAST (Strategic Assessment of Science and Technology) No. 8
1993 Scenario-onderzoek naar de industrieel-economische toekomst van Limburg (Scenario Research on the Manufacturing and Economic Future of South Limburg) Province of Limburg, Maastricht
1993 Trade Union Involvement in the Community, Regional Policies in the Netherlands, Case-study: Objective 2-region South Limburg FNV, Dutch Trade Unions on behalf of the European Trade Unions Council (ETUC)
1992-1994 Nieuwe Kansen voor Bedrijven in Grensregio's (New Chances for Enterprises in Border Regions) Commission on Development of Enterprises/Social-Economic Council (COB/SER), The Hague